Sexy Latin Amazons video Sicarias

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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Sexy Latin Amazons video Sicarias

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This is a review for the SLA video Sicarias

It can be found at the sexylatinamazons main website.
Cost $ 15.00

It stars Emily Brett, Kathayna, ILuray and Stephanie.

I give it an easy 7 to 8 out of ten.

We start with three sexy ladies at the office. (If you enjoy office attire, the ladies do that well.)
They are just going about their day.
When in walks the killer.
One beauty quickly gunned down.
The next captured, forced to strip at gun point.
The third getting a gun trying to hide.

Second lovely lady is killed.
The third unable to defend herself. Is also briefly tortured, forcing to undress a little. Before her death.
Then the final views of the dead ladies.

PLUS .. If you enjoy this. Check out OFFICE Shoot video.
It stars the same 4 sexy ladies. Office shoot outs. Trading places being killer or victim.
More gunfun style no blood and no nudity.

Sicarias few things for my tastes kept it from the full 10.
Two of the ladies killed had to partially strip first.
The other no stripping and ended up face down.
So really took away from it for me. Having such a hot, sexy Latin Amazon finish this way.
Still 3 demises for the money. Shooting fans worth checking out.
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