SLA Mission Accomplishment

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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SLA Mission Accomplishment

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This is a review for the Sexy Latin Amazons or SLA video
Foxxy Command Mission Accomplishment

This is available for purchase from their main website
Currently on page 4 of listings.

It stars Meghan, Paola, Sandra, Celia, DIanna

Price $15

I give it an easy 8 or 9 out of 10

The mission to have a killer take out a high ranked enemy.
She has to go through sentries on her way. Using knife or gun.
It starts with the sexy lovers. Then we see the on mission attacker making her move.

Nice amount of action, mixed with VERY sexy women!
Some stealth kills some killing of charging enemies. With several shoot outs.

Think total 5 death scenes, if I remember right.
Some military look, some topless nudity victims.

One thing I have noticed, with videos from the ladies.
I think in almost all of them. They do a fantastic job in placing of the bodies.
Some very sexy, and some very (Had to be for the model) Not comfortable poses.
Good amount of blood effect as well.

For my tastes, think one thing keeping it from the full ten.
Some of the ladies dying, with their eyes closed.
May just be me. Yet I honestly, think these Latin beauties have some of the most beautiful eyes around.
So I like to see them, during the victim views.
Which you get some nice or final views of each lady killed.

If you have not given a look to these lovely ladies yet.
It may be time, for you to check them out.
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