SLA Defeat of the Queen

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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SLA Defeat of the Queen

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This is a review for the SLA sexy Latin Amazons video
Defeat Of the Queen

Price $15.00
At their website

Iulary, Juliette, Kathyana, Erika, Krisby, Lismar, n Kyara
I give it a nice 9 out of 10 possible.

The Amazons are split. Maybe time for a new queen!
This video has a lot to offer.
First MAJOR well done and love to Kyara.
If I have model right. She is first to be killed. THEN has to lay dead, for the rest of the fight.
(Including pauses maybe to reset or set scene. That is a lot of time to lay on the ground dead. Not to mention at risk of being stepped on by the other ladies.)
Also Juliette, during the queens death scene. She has to lay dead, while Iulary rolls and writhes on her.

All in all very impressed with these lovely ladies.
They show they are willing to get dirty, bloody, and lay. On maybe not the most comfortable of places.
While making their movies.
EACH of the ladies gets to perform her own death scene.
Topless nudity by 4 of them.
Action, as well as final views of each of the sexy, beautiful ladies.

For my tastes and likes this has a lot for the cost.
Also nice to see they are adding in some subtitles to help with language.
A few minor things, that fans that one everything to look completely real may not like.
Myself, wish more of the ladies had eyes open, final views.
Also a few more tops lost. (Would have been perfect humiliation move, for the queen. To have hers stripped, as revenge, final views.)
Not a perfect 10 . At the same time I felt I got more than my moneys worth this one.

Well done ladies. You do impress with your passion and efforts!!
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What is your main fetish?: sexy and warrior latin girls.
dressed in miniskirts, boots, accessories, firearms, sensual deaths.
Why do you want to join this forum?: We produce videos with fetish content (sexy Latinas facing struggles, fighting until death) and we want to share it with you and the members of this site.
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Re: SLA Defeat of the Queen

Post by SLA »


Thank you all for downloading this magnificent production THE DEFEAT OF THE QUEEN!
I'm very happy with the results of our latest video, good amount of downloads ... good!

That is why I took the time to give you a behind-the-scenes gift.

Get to know the SLA actresses more!

I hope you like it, I did it with a lot of love.


Mayra Divine

The style of SLA is characterized by its beautiful Latin actresses, a cinematographic concept with special effects, various stories. deaths of beautiful women. :pc:
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