SLA review for Lollypop video

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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SLA review for Lollypop video

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This is a review for the SLA sexy Latin Amazons video Lollypop

It is available from them.

Price $13.50
Starring Coco, Joshy, KathyAna, Yuri and Jazmine

I give it a solid 7 to 8 out of 10
Especially this many models for the price.

Joshy and Kathyana discuss a cursed gem.
Very priceless but rumor is, anyone that owns it is dies.

Coco is Lollypop.
She arrives and meets guard Yuri. Quickly shooting her, before Yuri has chance to defend herself.
Coco rips open Yuris blouse, taunting her.
Before finishing her off.

She runs into guard Jazmine, sneaking up and quickly shooting her. Before going on.
Then Coco bursts into the main office, quickly shooting Joshy in the head.

Now she shoots Kathyana. Then it is time for Lollypop to play.
Exposing herself, taunting her victim. While forcing her to open her own blouse.
Kathyana pleads for her life. Lollypop is tired of playing and shoots her dead.

Lollypop finds the jewel, and starts to leave.
Jazmine was not dead. Soon a final shootout between them.
Soon all 5 ladies are dead.
Jazmine and Lollypop open eye stares.

I think SLA ladies have a wonderful look. With those tight skirts, and tight blouses.
I LOVE the contrast at end. Lollypop a gun in one hand, sucker or lollypop in the other.
GREAT slow and still views of each lady dead.

Few things that kept it from full 10 score. My tastes
I wish more blood effect some of the ladies. 4 of them very little or none.
Wish more of the ladies had open eyes. Kathyana's pose is fantastic. If her eyes would have been open. Think it would have been a perfect pose.
Lollypop had exposed herself earlier.
With Coco's very firm, well formed breasts. She would have looked wonderful, posed as she is.
Plus a little humiliation, payback. For her leaving Yuri blouse open and Kathyanas character topless.

Still very good video, especially for the amount of ladies in it. Nice price.
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