Review of A Difficult Mission

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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Review of A Difficult Mission

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This is a review.
For the SLA/ Sexy Latin Amazons video

A Difficult Mission

It is available from their store for $15

It stars Joshy, Kathyana, and Krisby

I give it a solid 8 out of 10 possible stars.

Joshy's team is looking to raid an enemy outpost for intel.
We see them think through different ways to try it.
Sadly for them, they usually end with their own deaths.

This includes, a big heavy machine gun.
A LOT of over kills, many times being shot.
After falling from the first bullets.
A LOT of body jerking, twitching, and spasming.

Some nice bodypiles. A few different costumes. As the 3 ladies play multiple roles. Both armies.
Dying in both uniforms.
I did lose track, but around 17 combined death scenes by the ladies.
Also with several upskirt panty shots.
Both inside and outside of the outpost.

For total amount of kills, for the money. This one is a good value.
For shooting fans.

Nice amount of limp body or falling by the ladies during this one.
It is a gun fun type though.
The effects for blood put in during the shootings.
Yet none on the ladies after.

I think the few things that keep it from a perfect 10 for me.
No nudity this one.
No open eyed stares, if I remember right.
Finally the no use of blood effect, on the bodies.

Still, lot for you to enjoy here. If this is your type of video.
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