Feel Free to start a Topic and Post a Review!

These are reviews of Superheroine videos from any and all producers!

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Feel Free to start a Topic and Post a Review!

Post by Bluestone »

Hey All,

If you particularly liked, or disliked, a Superheroine video, feel free to post a review by selecting a New Topic.

Please include in your review the following:
1. Title of Video being reviewed;
2. Producer of Video being reviewed;
3. What you loved, or hated, or were indifferent about in the video;

You can optionally include stills, links to where the video can be purchased, and a rating.

Enjoy this sub-forum, and please use it to share your candid thoughts with other Superheroine fans.

Bluestone's Silk Videos - Producer of Sexy Crime Dramas and Superheroine Films featuring HOT actresses!

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