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 Rules of the Board! 
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1) Adults Only: This board is limited to adults only (age of majority is to be determined by the laws of your jurisdiction of residence)

2) Open To The Public: You don't have to be a member of any pay site to post to the "Main Discussion" forum, which is open to all adult persons; however, each individual is only permitted to have one identity on this board!

3) Banning: The administration reserves the right to ban anyone from this board if the administration determines in it's sole and unfettered discretion that the rules of this board have been breached.

4) Stay On Topic: The topic of the Main On-Topic forum of this board is Female Death Scenes, but the administration allows postings unrelated to this main topic on the All-Topic Discussion Forum.

5) Advertising Restrictions: Other Erotic Death Fetish PAY sites can only be promoted on the "Producers Advertising Forum" Forum by webmasters who have received prior permission to do so. The "Main Discussion" forum is not for the purpose of advertising per se, but non-commercial discussions of producers' videos are allowable topics on that forum. Other FREE Death Fetish sites; however, are allowed to post updates to the "Main Discussion" Forum, provided they do not violate any laws and do not contain pornographic material.

6) Subject Matter Not Permitted On This Board: The administration does not allow any depiction or reference on this board to pregnant or underage female victims. This includes such depictions or references in posts, linked posts, stories, videos, stills, cartoons, comics, or any other format whatsoever! The administration also does not allow the posting on this board of pornographic material, unless it is posted in one of the non-public areas of the board and relates to the erotic death fetish. The exception to this Rule is the Producers' Advertising Forum which contains material posted and produced by independent companies and may contain material which is not permitted on the other forums of this board, such as pornographic material, but not including apparently underage or pregnant victims. The management of FF is not responsible for any material posted by other producers on the "Producers' Advertising" forum and such material is allowed in the interests of fostering artistic freedom of expression by other producers; however, FF management reserves the right to edit out material from producers' ads that it feels, in its sole and unfettered discretion, offends these rules. The producers themselves shall be responsible for the material that they choose to post on the "Producers' Advertising" Forum.

7) Posting Photos and Videos: All posters are permitted to post photos as attachments to their posts or to link to any other server in order to share photos and videos, provided that such sharing does not contravene any applicable legislation; however, any linked photos that are viewable on this message board and involve nudity or partial nudity are to be posted on the "Video and Image Share" forum. When at all possible, the width of these photos should not exceed 10 inches.

8) Domination of Board: Persistent posting that leads to a proliferation or "domination" by an individual or a group of individuals, i.e hijacking the board, will not be tolerated.

9) CLIP SHARING GUIDELINES: The following restrictions apply to video clip sharing:

(a) No scenes from productions of any advertising producer on FF.

(b) No clips from new movies that are still in theaters.

(c) No clips of real death scenes.

(d) No scenes with under age victims.

(e) No pornographic clips or links to a porn page, or links containing porn ads.

10) Real Life Killings or Deaths: This is a fantasy board, so reference to real life deaths or killings in the context of the erotic death fetish, will not be permitted.

11) Be Civil To One Another: The administration will not tolerate profanity or abusive behavior on this board. Kindly respect other posters, whether you agree with their comments or not!

12) Overriding Discretion: The administration reserves the right to remove any post that it finds offensive in its sole and unfettered discretion. Further, the administration similarily reserves the right to remove any post and or member at any time if it feels a post or member is only trying to be disruptive to another member or this board. The administration also reserves the right to amend and add to these Rules from time to time.

13) Anonymity of Members All members shall be entitled to maintain their anonymity, and it is prohibited for any other member to reveal a member's true identity in any posts on this board.

14) Copyrighted material Femme Fatalities claims copyright protection with respect to all discussions posted on this board, excepting videos, images, stories, permitted advertisements and other material which is already copyrighted by third parties. Accordingly, no posts made on this board shall be reposted elsewhere without the express written consent of FF management, save and except that posters may post their own posts elsewhere, provided they include no quotes from other FF posters in their posts. Any other site that infringes Femme Fatalities' copyright by allowing such material to be posted and remain on their site shall face legal action, including the reporting of such copyright infringement to their host providers who will also be joined into such legal action unless they take down the offending site.

15) Email Address Requirement: Each board member shall maintain a valid, working email address in his or her FF profile for the rare situations when FF Administration needs to contact a member regarding board issues.

Thank You

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