What was the first death scene that you noticed?

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Re: What was the first death scene that you noticed?

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sexbandit wrote: Mon Oct 11, 2021 2:49 am Long time member, first time poster here (at least in a long time). Mine was Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp getting squeezed to death in GoldenEye. I was probably 12 when I saw it so I was just noticing what I was into. Ever since I've had a particular interest in unique deaths involving stomach trauma and asphyxiation, especially when they happen to a femme fatale who's had the tables turned on her. I've read that an extended version of her death that was filmed but cut down to appease the censors. What I wouldn't give to stumble upon that one day :) For now though here's the version we all know and love:
Xenia probably crystallized my evil babe fetish into it's current format. Sexual violence, turning the tables in an ironic fashion, and all that.

However, Goldeneye came out when I was relatively older. The very first death \ evil babe to catch my attention?


Do or Die was actually rented on VHS by the whole family, under the impression that it's standard action flick rather than the patented Sidaris blend of action and plentiful softcore nudity. Pandora Peak's massive endowments made an inedible (and highly embarrassing) lifelong impression under the circumstances. But more important was Ava's turn as one of the numerous assassins pursuing the heroes. She has basically two scenes - as seductive intro, featuring impressive nudity, and confronting the heroes, culminating with her demise. Looking back, her death is the lame explosion that Sidaris was so fond of, yet the very notion of casually dispatching this sexy assassin that just wowed us with her naked body, and then moving on with the plot without any scruples... that impressed me.
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Re: What was the first death scene that you noticed?

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I am actually not completely sure, I was around 7, and it was either one of these two scenes:

Golden Compass (2007), where a flying witch gets shot down from the sky and horribly screams in agony as she's falling to her death and gets finished by an enemy soldier.

Once upon a Time in Mexico (2003), where a cute waitress gets show in the belly by Johny Depp and lets out a desperate cry.
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Re: What was the first death scene that you noticed?

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They asked this question once at DS. I described the movie, although I didn't remember the name, and somebody found it for me.

I've forgotten the name again. The movie has to be from the 1960s. About a Cowboy who goes down to Mexico for some reason. While he is there he get involved with a pretty Mexican Senorita. Near the end of the movie she gets gut-shot and clutches at her belly. I think she was standing by a well.
After morning her, he goes home. I can't remember if she had a child or not.

While somebody provided me with the name, and I looked it up on IMDB, I don't believe there was a DVD or VHS version of the movie, and no relevant clips on YouTube.

I can't remember who played the cowboy. I thought It may have been Clint Walker, but that seems wrong.

I know that's sparse information, but it clicked once before in somebody's memory.
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Re: What was the first death scene that you noticed?

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AJ2008 wrote: Mon Oct 11, 2021 11:24 am Any idea which episode that was - there are quite a few on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... rLwrfdJ7r4
Yes there are... but I do not remember the title. :frown:
I did look at some Racket Squad episodes over this past year.
Only about 30% of the 98 shows are available at this time.
Still have not ran across it yet. :shake:
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