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 Big O's YouTube finds 
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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I will keep this thread going for all the stuff I find on YouTube, plus the previously listed stuff!

"Mission Stardust" (1967) Spy-fi flick features two very hot, evil spy nurses, who are disintegrated by rays fired by alien robots!
Anne Smyrner and Lisa Halvorsen are the two nurses in tight, white nurses outfits and 60's pumps. The effects are cheesy, but the scene is hot and I love Anne's scream and the fact that she grabs her crotch as she is hit by the ray and disintegrates!

at: 1:16:30

"The Gorilla Gang"
(1968)...AKA "Der Gorilla von Soho"(1968) - First, villainess club dancer (Beate Hasenau), bathes, puts on a bathrobe and is garotted in her living room. Very nice squirming legs and a few crime scene body shots follow.

at: 41:30

Second, villainess (Inga Langen),is double crossed and belly shot by her accomplice. Nice shocked and betrayed reaction.

at: 1:26:00

"Nightmare In Wax"
(1969)- Cameron Mitchell belly stabs his girlfriend (Victoria Carroll), carries her to the car and then drives around with her, talking to her corpse in the front seat (with her eyes wide open). Nice fear, reaction, mini dress and body handling.

at 1:00:00

"The Monster Of Blackwood Castle" (1968) - Edgar wallace thriller aka: "Der Hund von Blackwood Castle". Older babe (Mady Rahl), in a short night dress, loses in a struggle for a gun amd is belly blasted. Great shocked reaction and stagger and slump on a staircase.

at 1:00:10

"Flight To Tangier" (1953)- Uber busty Corinne Calvet in a very tight dress, takes a belly slug meant for Jack Palance and dies in his arms

at 1:22:00

"Passport To Hell" (1965)- Hot, frantic babe in a bath robe is fleeing enemy agents at night. she asks a stranger for help and he promptly shoots her twice in the belly!

Opening scene ... x=16&t=15s

"The G.I. Executioner" (1975)- Angelyque Pettyjohn and that wonderful nude shooting from "The GI Executioner". elly blasted during a shoot out, she drags herself up some ship stairs to the main deck, where she is belly blasted again...

at: 1:01:00

"Superseven Calling Cairo"
(1965) - Hpt, blonde baddie (Thea Fleming), makes love to our hero in a hotel room, afterwards, she sneaks up on him to kill him as he is seated at a table. He turns with his pen gun and shoots her in the belly.
Nice shocked grimace, belly clutch and squirming on the bed before expiring. Very hot!

Opening scene ... S8JnwaBZCK

"Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut" (1966)- This 60's spy flick starts out with bikini babes on the Riviera and a skulking character, who's hobby it is to shoot them with silencers! ... S8JnwaBZCK

watch opening scene

"From Istanbul, Orders To Kill"
(1965)- Some hot babes eat lead in this 66' Eurospy ... CK&t=1732s

Opening scene features Jeanine Reynaud (In trench cot and pumps),being pursued and eventually shot by enemy agents (who remove her high heel looking for micro film)

starting at 1:22:00 - Evil Lucretia Love, is shot by good female spy, who is in turn shot by bad male spy. Hot dresses, reactions and squirming. Good Eurospy DS stuff.

More to come...


Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:32 am
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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Location: Los Angeles
"Assignment Skybolt" (1967) - Villainess is about to shoot the hero with a dart ring, when he catches on and machine guns her!

at: 1:32:00

"Monty Python - The Accidents Sketch" - Maid, Carol Cleveland accidentally trips and goes belly first into Eric Idle's dagger!

"Tales of the Unexpected - Completely Foolproof" - Telly Savalas sends a hit man to put some silencer slugs into his wife (Rita Gam) - Nice shocked reaction.

at: 21:00

"Hannibal Brooks" (1969) - Blond German babe (Karin Baal), in a smart 40's suit, is machine gunned in the back as she runs to warn the hero.

at: 1:29:00

"Violent Saturday"(1955) - During a bank robbery, Maggie Hayes (In a tight, 50's Lois Lane outfit) is caught in the crossfire and eats some lead.

at: 1:05:00


Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:56 am
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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Location: Los Angeles
"Danger Man: A Very Dangerous Game"
Sexy Asian spy (Yvonne Furneaux), is caught spying in an office and a henchman shoots her with a silencer! Sexy Cheongsam!

at: 34:10

"2nd Best Secret Agent In the Whole Wide World" (1965)
Villainess (Veronica Hurst), is double crossed by her partner during an exchange and he pumps a slug into her. Nice 60's pink and white dress and pumps...and great look of betrayal and realization.

at: 1:15:00 and 1:19:00

"Deadly Betrayal" (2003)

Hot MILF (Leni Parker, in a robe) is strangled from behind by her lover, when she discovers a burglary in progress in her home! GHot little sex scene befpre the strangling.

at: Opening scene

"Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!" (1966)

Tura Satana throws a knife into Lori Williams back (Nice go-go shorts and boots) with a nice expiration and body shots...and Haji is belly stabbed by a feeble minded muscle man, who had the hots for Lori.

at: 1:07:30 and 1:11:30

"The Flesh Eaters" (1964)
Mad scientist lures aging movie star (Rita Morley) out to the beach and belly stabs her while kissing her. He buries her, but she emerges from the shallow grave a bit later. She attacks the doc with the same knife and he promptly pumps 3 slugs into her.

at: 1:04:00 and 1:19:40


Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:03 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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Location: Los Angeles
"The Hollywood Strangler vs The Skid Row Slasher" (1979)
Classic Ray Dennis Steckler murder-fest! A bunch of strangled babes. My fave? The final strangling of murderess Carolyn Brandt.

at: 0:00:20 and 0:06:45 and 0:21:00 and 0:32:00 and 0:39:00 and 0:51:00 and 0:53:00
and 0:54:30 and 1:07:00

"Jack The Ripper" (1959)

Good Ripper flick with period piece stabbings at:

0:01:20 and 0:15:30 and 0:43:00 and 0:56:00
and 1:09:30 (My fave)

"Creature With The Blue Hand" (1967)
Maniac Klaus Kinkski, escapes from his cell and strangles a blonde nurse.

at: 0:4:30

"Hell Boats" (1970)

Sexy partisan babe is riddled by machine gun fire during a gun battle with German soldiers.

at: 0:54:00

"Legal Tender" (1993)
Hottie, Maria Rangel, comes home, strips to her lingerie and encounters a burglar, who pins her to the wall and belly stabs her. Nice tease, reaction and slow demise. Body found by Robert Davi afterwards.

at: 1:03:30


Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:42 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
Posts: 3551
Location: Los Angeles
"Secret Agent Fireball" (1966)
Agent (Carla Calo - in skirt and trench coat), tries to distract enemy agents from shooting the hero, but winds up taking 2 slugs in the back while running away. They then search her body for secret plans.

at: 0:13:30

"Special Mission Lady Chaplin" (1966)
Evil, sexy, model-agent (Evelyn Stewart aka: Ida Galli - in posh 60's mod gown), loses a brief gun struggle with good agent Mabel Karr. Mabel promptly shoots her in the belly and watches her painfully stagger away and collapse to the floor. Later, Mabel attempts to flee the bad guys, while wearing an explosive dress. One shot blows her sky high!

at: 1:11:00 and 1:13:00

"Seven" (1979)
Evil hula dancer-agent, Little Egypt, is shot with a silencer during a dance routing in a club.

at: 1:34:00

"A Coffin From Hong Kong" (1965)

Frantic woman (Greta Chi - in a 60's style skirt/suit and heels outfit), is shot by the killer as she sits in his office. The hero comes later, to discover her body and her carries her to the bed room and poses her nicely on his bed.

"Peligro...Mujeres en Accion" (1969)

Hot Mexican spy flick featuring a number of hot Latin spy babes getting shot. Hot stuff!
All the kills in one clip! My fave is agent VBarbara Angely getting machine gunned on the beach, while wearing a bikini, then painfully crawling to her final resting place. This movie is what my fetish is all about!

"Hong Kong hot Harbor" (1963)
Uber hot villainess (Dominique Boschero in a blue Cheongsam), is surprised by her scheming partner and hold a gun on her. After a very good tease, he shoots her! Great tease and look of realization on Dominique's face. Would have killed for a full body shot of her corpse with leg show and eyes open!


Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:29 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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"Operation Kid Brother" (1967)
Robed Asian witness is shot in the heart by a female assassin (In leather mini skirt and boots), who in turn is shot in the back by an agent.

at: 0:46:00 ... CK&index=2

"Golden Rendezvous" (1977)
A bunch of posh gamblers (Including a number of nicely dressed babes),are machine gunned by hijackers in the ship's casino.

at: 0:37:00 ... S8JnwaBZCK

"Electra One" (1967)
Villainess, Rosalba Neri (In skirt and boots) is machine gunned when a business deal goes south.

at: 1L15:30 ... aBZCK&t=3s

"Death On The Run" (1967)
Uber hottie Paola Pitagora (In lingerie) is shot during a stand off when it is discovered she "Talked". Nice, painful demise in the hero's arms.

at: 1:08:00 ... BZCK&t=42s

"Spy Catcher" (1960)
Villainess Colette Duval (In skirt, heels and trench coat), is about to shoot the hero, who blasts her first and she falls on the train track third rail!

at: 1:15:20 ... S8JnwaBZCK


Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:24 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
Posts: 3551
Location: Los Angeles
"The Liquidator" (1966)
Sexy, bad blonde agent, Gabrielle Licudi, helps Rod Taylor escape from an enemy prison, but is shot by villain and slumps over passenger side door. Nice, shocked reaction and bare midriff outfit.

at: 1:04:13 ... 90&t=1954s

"Gilligan's Island: The Invasion"
Gilligan dreams he is a secret agent. First, evil agent Dawn Wells (In 60's skirt and boots), tries to shoot Gilligan with a flower gun, but he shoots her with his bow tie gun!

Second, evil agent Ginger (In sexy evening one pice and feathered boa), tries to kill Gilligan by kissing him with poison lipstick, but it back fires and kills her. Nice, sexy over the top demise.

"The Million Eyes Of Sumuru"(1967)

Sumuru's hench women drown a traitorous member (In a bikini)
at: 0:06:00

Female guard is shot for allowing the hero to escape, after he seduced her.
at: 0:23:00

Dead female guard is found in hero's bed with a nice death stare.
at: 0:24:10

Sumuru assassin, dressed as a cop, is shot before she can kill Klaus Kinkski.
at: 0:56:00

Sumuru henchwoman shoots female prisoner, so she can make love to the hero in a private cell!
at: 1:13:00

Heroes and the police force invade Sumuru's island and engage in a big battle...Where many of Sumuru's female army are shot.
at: 1:15:00


Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:58 am
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
Posts: 3551
Location: Los Angeles
"Danger Death Ray" (1967)
Villain uses his mistress (Silvia Solar in black dress and fur), as a human shield and she is machine gunned by Gordan Scott.

at: 1:20:00 ... S8JnwaBZCK

"Requiem For a Secret Agent" (1967)
Hot villainess (Daniela Bianchi in lingerie), aims a pistol at Stewart granger, who quickly twists her arm behind her back...Causing the gun to go off and shoot her in the back. Nice demise in his arms.

at: 0:51:30 ... S8JnwaBZCK

"I, Spy: Bridge Of Spies" (1965)
Evil assassin Barbara Steele, is shot in the belly with a silencer as she runs to her double crossing partner. Nice belly clutch, scream and shot of the body on the ground.

at: 0:51:20 ... S8JnwaBZCK

"I, Spy: Time Of The Knife" (1965)
Japanese agent June Kim, walks into a temple and a scream is heard. Culp and Cosby race in to find her lying on the floor with a garrotting rope around her neck. Nice dress, heels, leg show and shots of the body.

at: 0:26:50 ... K&index=89

"Modesty Blaise" (1967)
Modesty's sexy assistant Tina Aumont, is belly stabbed by an assassin at a carnival. Modesty finds her and she painfully expires, exclaiming "It hurts".

at: 0:51:10 ... aBZCK&t=2s

"Secret Agent 101" (1966 - Trailer)

Japanese spy flick trailer features an agent getting machine gunned on a boat by an attacking plane.


Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:11 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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Location: Los Angeles
"It Conquered The World" (1957)
3 kills here!

Peter Graves shoots his wife Sally Fraser, after she has been taken over by aliens.
at: 0:53:00

Scientist babe is strangled by her possessed co workers and her lingerie clad body is discovered by Peter Graves.
at: 0:52:00 and 1:02:25

Beverly Garland goes alien hunting, but she is strangled/clawed to death by the creature.
qt: 1:00:00 and 1:08:20

"The Sting" (1973)

Hit woman dimitra Arliss (In 30's skirt and outfit), is shot between the eyes before she can kill Robert Redford


"Swamp Women" (1956)
Baddie Beverly Garland is speared by Marie Windsor and falls out of a tree.

at: 1:00:00

"The Tiffany Memorandum" (1967)
Hot villainess Lordena Nusciak,struggles with our hero, who throws her on a desk where she is impaled on nails! Nice painful reaction and demise.

at: 1:08:00 ... K&index=70

"Target For Killing" (1966)

Stewart Granger is held at bay by villainess Scilla Gabel and her henchmen. Stewart pulls out his explosive pen and hurls it at them. The explosive shrapnel kills everyone and Scilla does a nice belly clutch and scream.

at: 1:25:00 ... S8JnwaBZCK


Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:55 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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'Dogora The Space Monster" (1964)
Hot baddie, akiko Wakayabashi, double crosses the gang during a beack shoot out and takes off with the diamonds. The boss promptly puts several slugs in her back and she expires clutching the diamonds.

at: 1:11:20

"Hell Hath No Fury" (1991)
A 1991 Barbara Eden TV movie, featuring a nice scene where nicely dressed and coiffed Kim Zimmer, is shot several times in her kitchen

at the 54:00 mark

"12 O'Click High : Siren Song"

Season 2 Ep#29 "Siren Voices"
Spy babe, Victoria Shaw, is shot while giving away German positions to the allies...Nice grimace.

start at: 40:00

"The Force" (1994)

From "The Force"(1994). Yasmine is belly shot after pleading with the killer, while wearing a short blue dress with nice leg show. Nice squeal and shots of her slowly expiring face down on the floor.

at the 8:30 mark

"Tour Of Duty: sins Of The Father"
2 nice scenes, featuring 2 hot Asian prostitutes being stabbed by "The John", after coming on to him and then begging for their lives.

Scene 1 : 1:30
scene 2: 11:20

"Hart To Hart: Hartstruck"

An older secretary (Jill Andre), goes to the parking garage, gets in her car, checks her hair in the mirror and is stabbed in the back by Mimi Rogers (from the back seat). Better build up than execution, but still nice.

at 16:30 mark

"One Step Beyond: The Clown"

A very young Yvette Mimieux is belly stabbed with a pair of scissors, by her jealous boyfriend. She lies around the rest of the episode with a nice death stare

"One Step Beyond: The Hand"
Treacherous gold digger, Miriam Colon, gets a belly full of broken bottle in a dark alley. Very hot!

"Vegas: Lost Monday"
Evil hypnotist Mary Ann Mobley (In a hot, white gown) gets 2 slugs in the belly from dick Sargent. Nice grimace and shots of the body.


"The Untouchables: The Contract"

A hitman pulls along side of a car and unloads his pistol, killing Gloria talbot.

"The Untouchables: The Frank Nitti Story"
Hit man corners informant Phyllis Coates, in a phone booth, grabs her from behind and knifes her in the back

at: 0:41:10

"The Untouchables: The St Louis Story"

Blonde informant is driven to an alley, where she flees and machine gunned in the back.

at: 0:35:50


Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:12 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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"Wonder Women" (1973)
Ross Hagen and his partner take on an all female army and shoot everyone in sight.

at: 1:06:00

"The Killing" (1056)
Kubrick film noir features Elish Cook Jr shooting his two timing girlfriend (Marie Windsor - in 50's lingerie), Nice, painful demise.


"Bloody Pit Of Horror" (1965)
Why is the crimson body builder knocking off models during a photo shoot in his castle?

Sexy body of a model Barbara Nelli, is found in an iron maiden with a nice death stare
at: 0:40:15

Bikini clad Moa Tahi, is tied to a giant spider web and dies of fright when a giant spider approaches her. Great build up and tease and some nice body handling when the hero unties her lifeless body.
at: 0:45:30

The crimson body builder uses medieval torture devices on several models. The hero breaks in and all hell breaks loose. One model is arrowed, and one is bludgeoned with a chain
at: 1:12:00

"The Annihilators" (1985)
during a hold up, a store customer has her dress ripped off to expose her dress. When she fights back, she is held still and stabbed in the belly. Nice topless stabbing with close up of blade in the belly.

at: 0:11:30

"The Tenth Victim" (1965)
Frantic huntress Evi Rigano (In a white mini dress and pumps) is shot in the back by a rival hunter and sprawls to the ground, face up. awesome full body shot.



Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:21 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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"The Baby Doll Murders" (1993)
Several murders here.

A woman is stabbed in the belly, while doing laundry. at: 0:15:00

A hot business woman in glasses is followed to her apartment and strangled while wearing lingerie, At: 0:30:00

Older woman gets out of the shower, puts on a robe, sits on the bed, talks on the phone and is hand strangles when she hangs up. Slow strangle with some nice leg action. at: 0:44:30

"Badge 373" (1972)

Verna Bloom is machine gunned by a hit team as she exits her car. Nice body shots and death stare.


"Get Smart: The Girls From KAOS"
Evil beauty contestants Virginia Lee - (In short Cheongsam, and pumps) and Valerie Hawkins-(In black evening gown) are both shot in a hotel room shootout. Valerie in the belly and Virginia in the back. Great scene, one of my faves!

at: 0:21:00

"Get Smart: Hoo Done It"

sexy blonde contessa Maureen Arthur (In short evening dress) takes a whiff of poison gas from her compacts and dies in a slumped, seated position.

at: 0:18:40

I, Spy: Night Train To Madrid"
A couple of babes found strangled! Sexy babes, nice body shots, leg show and body handling.
Diahn Williams is found strangled in her compartment at: 0:20:46 and 0:28:45

Marianna Hill is found strangled in her train compartment and body handled. at: 36:15


Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:17 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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"Terror Of The Tongs" (1961)
Luscious Yvonne Monlaur (In Cheongsam), takes a hatchet blow in the back, meant for the hero and slowly dies in his arms.

at: 1:11:40

"The Hands Of Orlac" (1960)

Sexy Dany Carrel (In a hot magician's assistant outfit), steps into a trick box and is skewered by several swords. Her body later falls out when the box is opened.

at: 1:32:30

"The Hitchhiker: Renaissance" (1989)

Bad French accomplice Nathalie Mann (In lingerie), is belly stabbed by David Soul and then walked over and lay down on the bed. He then pulls the knife from her belly. Very hot scene, great reaction and vocals to being stabbed.


"Curse Of The Doll People" (1961)

Doll person stabs hot, blonde nurse Nora Veryan, in the neck while she is on the phone.

at: 0:33:30

" I saw What You Did" (1965)
Irate John Ireland, pulls his irate wife Joyce Meadows, into the shower and stabs her to death. Nice, tight 60's skirt outfit and body shot.


"Beyond The Time Barrier" (1961)
Evil Russian scientist Arianne Ulmer, is shot before she can abduct the hero. and sexy futuristic hottie Darlene Tompkins (In a very short dress), is accidentally shot while the hero fights with a villain. He carries her body back to her father.

at: 0:58:30 and 1"01:00

"The Creeping Terror" (1963)
The fearsome carpet monster attacks the local dance hall and gobbles up a bunch of hotties. Nice leg show.

at: 0:49:20


Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:30 pm
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Joined: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:53 am
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"The Man From SEX" (1979)
Assassin Nick Tate, keeps sharp by using human targets...In this case babes and guys running along the beach. One babe begs not to be shot and he belly blasts her.

at: 0:09:00 ... 8JnwaBZCK&

"Agent Sigma 3" (1967)
3 spies in a car (One babe) stop to help a motorisi in distress and they are gunned down. The female agent is shot in the back while fleeing and carried off.

at: 0:02:00 ... K&index=33

"That Man From Istanbul" (1965)

The villainess Perette Pradier,is kissing Hort Bucholz, when her hench man accidentally shoots her. she painfully crawls through her yacht and eventually denotates a self destruct device.

at: 1:40:30 ... K&index=34

"The spy Who Loved Flowers" (1965)
Sexy spy girl is poisoned while drinking a Coke at a bullfight. at: 40 second mark

Informant recieves a thrown dagger in the back before she can give secrets to our hero.
at: 0:37:30

Villainess Yoko Tani, is machine gunned by her own man and does a painful and lengthy demise in the hero's arms.
at: 1:22:00 ... s&index=35

"Death In A Red Jaguar" (1968)
an assassin uses a silencer on a woman who finishes bathing and stands up in the bath tub. at: 0:08:45

Witness in protective custody Grit Boettcher, is shot with a silencer through a key hole. Nice death stare and body shots.
at: 0:43:15 ... K&index=38


Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:47 pm
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Joined: Sun May 11, 2014 9:54 am
Posts: 114
Big O ,

Tireless you are. Thank you.


Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:39 pm
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