Chokechamber: New Classic Chokechamber Choke Gem!

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What is your main fetish?: asphyxia, necro, gun play, beautiful women choked and strangled
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Chokechamber: New Classic Chokechamber Choke Gem!

Post by michelle21 »

New Classic Chokechamber Choke Gem!


FEATURING: Talented, Natural, Busty “NICOLE ROSE”



When a commercial real estate developer is unexpectedly visited and threatened with blackmail by his gorgeous, leggy, secretary, all hell breaks lose. The generally cool headed, mild mannered employer first tries to knock some sense to his assistant, but her persistence proves there’s only one solution to his problem. With the aid of his firm grip, strong build, and desire for her submission, he wraps his hands tightly around her soft, smooth neck, slowly ensuring her silence. As her last breath fades he says “Nobody bullies me.”

Super sexy death stares, Erotic Garrote and Bare handed Choke, Nudity, Neck tie strangle, eyes wide, tongue out, legs kicking and twitching, clear neck views, multiple choke angles, necro-stripping, body handling, post mortem, pantyhose, tight short dress, thigh high boots, submission and domination, outtakes



Official Site: (Video Preview and Credit card checkout available here!)


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What is your main fetish?: -loves pantyhose, foot fetish, asphyxiation, chloroform, playing with lifeless body, death stare, lesbian, long legs
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Re: Chokechamber: New Classic Chokechamber Choke Gem!

Post by melvin »

Bought this and therapy heels just now, gotta say it was well worth every penny! Nicola Rose is a gorgeous women with long legs that looks absolutely stunning and professional with pantyhose on! Too bad the men missed out playing with her hosed feet (loved the limp fetish too). Impressive work Michelle Lee, keep them coming!
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Re: Chokechamber: New Classic Chokechamber Choke Gem!

Post by xj900uk »

I really miss Michelle :frown: She was a great friend and produced some excellent material.

There was a plan (forwarded by Geno of Dead Skirts) to re-vamp and bring Chokechamber back, alongside a former actor who was now working hard behind the scenes (I forget his name), but sadly the whole idea came to nothing first because of Covid, and then soon after Geno died.
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