CapgunChuck reviews "The Serial Navel Killer" by "KHP"

This producer used innovative f/x techniques and produced tons of material before permanently closing down his production company. His work is greatly missed!

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CapgunChuck reviews "The Serial Navel Killer" by "KHP"

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Sub-genre: multiple navel stabbings.

No time is wasted on a contrived plot before the action begins. Jaylyn has just stepped out of the shower when her killer approaches. "Who's there?" she asks. Then she sees the knife. "No. No. Please don't." Beautiful. Just the way I like it: An attractive naked babe in a private moment. frightened and helpless as the killer approaches her to do the nastiest of things to her. She tries to resist as he pins her in the optimal position to expose his craved target, she looks down at the knife as it plunges in (I always love that reaction); then he plunges the knife into her navel repeatedly, shown in graphic realistic detail from several different angles and distances, in high-resolution clarity with realistic sounds of a knife plunging deep into flesh. She reacts to every knife thrust with titillating feminine sounds. Just the way I love it. She moans in pain erotically as the knife is twisted in her navel and spits out a sensuous "ah" simultaneously expressing pain as it is jerked from her body. We finally let our breath out in relief from intense action as he effortlessly picks her up and carries her to a pool table, where he ever so gently lays her on her back in ritualistic manner like he's done many times before. The break is short-lived. He starts plunging the knife into her navel; she reacts erotically to each plunge of the knife, again and again, from a couple of different angles, including close-up. Blood oozes naturally and realistically from her navel, just the right amount of blood to remain erotic and not gory.Her reactions become weaker and weaker as she dies erotically after having been stabbed just the right number of times that the stabbing couldn't be considered overdone. He leaves the knife buried in her navel.

That was only the first sequence. There's a lot more to come--three more killings of three more gorgeous naked babes with short-lived breaks between killing sequences as he goes through the ritual of laying the bodies out horizontally for further intense navel stabbing action. For the next three killings he uses a different knife, that familiar big sacrificial knife with huge bat wing handles--which I've never liked as much as other knives. But it does allow this producer to show what he can do with his incredible special effects. We see that big knife plunged into navels again and again, with nicely edited continuity between the killing sequences. The three other gorgeous girls (Brandy, Roxi, and Sandy) resist more and scream a lot, admittedly more realistic but less erotic.

This first killing sequence alone is worth the price of the whole movie. In the producer's unusually well-written detailed description of this movie, he says you're getting a lot for your money. I totally agree. This movie is a delectable feast for connoisseurs of the navel stab fetish, an excellent compendium of high-quality stabbing scenes for any stabbing fan who enjoys beautiful naked bodies, and a collection to be studied for those fascinated by digital special effects or producer wannabes.

That should be enough for a perfect rating of 10, right? Maybe close, but not quite.

This excellent extravaganza of special effects, realism, and nice reactions by the babes employs few of the standard traditional techniques of film. I don't get to feel the knife plunge into her because I don't get a close-up of her facial reactions and her eyes while hearing the knife plunged in; I don't get to see her butt react while hearing the knife plunged in her navel; I don't get to see what she sees through her own eyes. I don't get to fully experience all the individual aspects of the action from her perspective or a universal perspective because the focus is always on the bodies as a whole through the use of medium shots or on close-ups of the knife and target. The rest is left to the imagination.

However, despite the limitation of this film's lack of standard film technique, it is worth repeated viewings for entertainment, study of special effects, and fetish fulfillment. This skilled renegade producer, the best special-effects master out there, has crafted a remarkable erotic product. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10
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