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 Skeebo reviews Psycho-Thrillers - Double Girl Kill 
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Here is a review I originally posted on the Psycho-Thrillers messageboard:

Overview: Dani and Marie arrive at a home. At 1:00 Dani strips down naked except for her shoes, and at 1:15 she is suddenly attacked. At 1:55 her neck is snapped and she falls to the floor. Marie goes looking for Dani and finds her dead at 2:50. The killer stalks her until he catches her at 4:00 and drags her pleading to a bed. At 4:20 he starts strangling her on the bed and moves to the ground, where she dies at 7:15. The killer strips her down a bit and fondles her until 8:15, when he starts screwing her on the bed. At 9:00 he’s done. He positions her spread eagle on the bed. At 9:20 we cut back to some bodypans of dead Dani. At 9:50 the killer picks her up and carries her off-frame. We then cut to Dani on another bed, and the killer starts screwing her. At 10:50 he finishes. At 11:15 he dumps her on the first bed beside Marie. Some body pans ensue, and we cut a few times back and forth between this pose and the two girls face down, hanging off opposite sides of the bed, until the end at 13:41.

Killings: There’s a neck snap and a strangle in this video. With Dani, the killer gets behind her and grabs her throat while they stumble a bit around the room. Dani struggles pretty vigorously for the short time allotted. The snap is shown twice, in a sort of instant replay. It’s also preceded by a quick cut, so there’s three quick cuts in about two seconds. I found this to be a little distracting. Also, when Dani hits the ground her face is obscured, which I found unfortunate. All told it’s quick but fairly violent. Marie’s strangling scene is solid. It starts on a bed, then spills onto the floor. Marie’s a meek and powerless victim, and she struggles well in that role. I also liked her twitching at the end. Marie really does it for me, so that helps. Ultimately it’s a very nice strangling.

Post-Mortem: Both girls get post-mortem sex. The killer really goes to town on Marie, getting her limp body bouncing and flailing by the end, which I really liked. Unfortunately the camera doesn't show as much as it should. Dani is wearing corpse makeup during her scene, which I’m generally not a big fan of, but it’s pretty understated. Her sex scene is more sedate. She has her arm around a stuffed animal during the scene, and I’m not sure where it came from or why. Unfortunately for me, there’s much less body handling overall than I was hoping for. Whenever Dani is moved, cuts skip a lot of the picking up and dropping off, which I wanted to see. Most of all, though, the ending is a let-down for me. Instead of seeing the killer handle the two girls, we just cut back and forth between two poses. The second pose has the girls on opposite sides of the bed, whereas I would have wanted them to get closer, not father away.

Other: There’s a lot of focus on the killer in this video. During the stalking sequence, the camera focuses mostly on the killer’s shoes, where I would have preferred more shots of Marie’s terrified expression. There are also a few times during Marie’s death and sex scenes where the killer is the only person in frame. I don’t like it when the camera leaves the victim in favor of the killer, so this was an annoyance for me.

Overall: This video boasts two hot young victims, two death scenes, and two sex scenes all in a shorter, cheaper video than average. Unfortunately some camera angles and the minimal body handling really frustrated my enjoyment. While I was expecting to like the video a lot more, I must say that the video is still pretty strong and has some good sex and violence. Marie and Dani is a good pairing, however. I give it a 7 overall.

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