140 – Supernova Prime 7- The Huntsman

Supernova Prime is tracking down a serial strangler, hoping to lure him out, dressed in her sexy civilian attire. Her subterfuge is successful, but what she doesn’t count on is the strangler’s Novanite bracelet. Melody is strangled for real, and barely escapes alive, but her troubles are just beginning. The strangler is scared off by the Huntsman, who has been sent by the Council of Nova to bring back Supernova Prime for ignoring their summons to return to her home planet… DEAD OR ALIVE! Having changed to Supernova Prime, our heroine starts out with confidence, but that is shattered very soon as the powerful Huntsman starts a beatdown that lasts for the balance of this awesome video, until Supernova Prime is brought to her knees, defeated, and in the Extreme version, killed!

This blockbuster video is not to be missed!

There is also an upgraded, BIG SCREEN version of both the Extreme and Peril videos.

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and neck snapped
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