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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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Director's Cut series
Episode 30 - Backseat Strangler (Director’s Cut)
Starring Precious PETRA
Very little plot to this Petra classic. It is all action! A mini-skirted Petra walks up to a car and slips into the driver's seat. The perp lying across the back seat rises behind her, throws a nylon over her head and across her neck, and strangles her to death in a wild, sexy killing scene that couldn't have been more realistic. Although the video is quite short, this death scene is an absolute classic! After she's dead, her killer unzips her top, exposing her amply filled bra. Very sexy indeed! Now, it's been re-mastered into BIG screen size and resolution! Don't miss this upgraded classic!
Coming on May 27th, 2022
Director's Cut series
Episode 31 - Options (Director’s Cut)
Starring Precious PETRA
In "Options", Suzi kills Petra three times and is killed herself. The first two slayings, a brutal stabbing and vicious strangle, are visualizations of how Suzi contemplates killing Petra. Finally, Suzi decides to use an uzi, and blows Petra away with three bursts of machine gun fire, before Suzi is shot herself in the breast 3 times by Victor. 4 sexy babe killings in this video, which has been upgraded to BIG screen format and resolution, together with an f/x upgrade and a complete re-edit to tighten the pacing throughout. There are also slow motion versions of both shootings.
Coming on June 3rd, 2022