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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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Collector's Editions
10 - White Angel 6
Starring Danica Thrall
We have upgraded Danica's first White Angel appearance, one of her best and sexiest performances! We have also removed some of the music so that you can hear Danica's every gasp, gak and gurgle while she's being cruelly strangled to death while tied to an arm chair. The original was only 239 MB, but this big screen version is a full 803 MB's in 1920 x 1080 format. Don't miss this upgraded masterpiece!
Coming on August 6th, 2021
Director's Cut series
Episode 13 - Petra Vignettes 2 - Director's Cut
Starring Precious PETRA
This second installment of the Petra Vignettes miniseries has been enhanced both in resolution and in upgraded f/x. The shooting f/x is much better than the original version. Petra is shot twice in a sexy skirt with lots of leg and upskirt shots, and is shot twice in a sexy, silken robe. In addition to upgraded f/x, we have added additional hits, including some pussy shots! All of the shootings have been reworked, including the machine-gunning which is now more awesome than ever! The original version was 144 MB, whereas this upgraded Director's Cut version is an incredible 2.37 GB! Don't miss this incredible video featuring 4 of Petra's best death scenes!
Coming on August 13th, 2021
Director's Cut series
Episode 14 - Petra Vignettes 3 - Director’s Cut
Starring Precious PETRA
Once again, Petra brings her A-Game to these 4 shooting scenarios, dying in sexy fashion while dressed in seductive clothing. She is first machine gunned in a short black dress and dies in agony in this as well as the other three scenarios. In the second scenario, Petra is about to assassinate a man when her gun jams. He leaves her with the impression that he is planning to spare her, then surprises her with a bullet to her belly, which is followed up a little while later with a sexy breast hit! The third scenario has Petra dressed in a tight black jumpsuit as a beautiful sentry who is blown away and left to die. Finally, Petra plays a seductive babe dressed in a tight gold evening dress. Her sexy curves and offers of sexual pleasure do not, however, save her as she is callously shot dead center and left to die! In addition to the 4 scenarios, there is also a separate slow-motion shooting gallery of all 4 shootings! This upgraded big screen version is in high resolution and features upgraded shooting f/x! The original version was only 224 MB while this upgraded version is a full 2.13 GB! Treat yourself to this shooting classic and see Petra die 4 times for your enjoyment!
Coming on August 20th, 2021
Director's Cut series
Episode 15 - Petra Vignettes 4 - Director’s Cut
Starring Precious PETRA
We've upgraded this classic video to big screen high resolution, and also upgraded the shooting f/x. Once again, Petra is awesome and super sexy in these 4 shooting scenarios! In the first scenario, she is relaxing, dressed in miniskirt with silk blouse unbuttoned to reveal her perfect set, when a window shatters behind her, and she jumps to her feet directly in the hear-seeking sights of a sniper, who makes no mistake! She is shot in her breast and goes down. Then, she struggles to survive, but her fatal wound slowly ends her life. Next, Petra is dressed in silken robe, opened to display sexy bra and panties. She tries to seduce the shooter, but he riddles her to death with his uzi! The third scenario has Petra dressed in a tight, low cut, hot pink minidress. Once again, she makes a gorgeous victim and her killer doesn't hesitate to make her death last by shooting her in the belly and watching her writhe in sexy fashion while the bullet slowly, but surely, drains the life from her hot body! The 4 scenarios conclude with Petra in the shower for some great eye candy, before wrapping a towel around herself, and exiting the bathroom. When she is confronted by a killer, she drops the towel and tries, once again, to seduce the killer into sparing her. His reaction? Luckily for us, he decides to kill her anyway, and buries a bullet into her navel. Once again, her erotic death throes are a thing of beauty to behold as she dies completely nude! In addition to the 4 scenarios, there is also a separate slow-motion shooting gallery of all 4 shootings! The original version was only 206 MB while this upgraded version is a full 2.27 GB! Don't miss this awesome upgraded video release!
Coming on August 27th, 2021