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The Page features episodes 49 to 72 in this on-going series!

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Sexy Spies
49 - White Angel 35
Starring Sienna Scarlett and Miranda Manson
Sienna Scarlett as White Angel vs. newcomer Miranda Manson as Dark Angel become embroiled in a battle to the death, where each suffers death at least once, and in Sienna's case death by strangulation, stabbing and shooting in separate incidents! White Angel tries to take early retirement from the spy game, but Dark Angel tracks her down to make her pay for her killing of Dark Angel's fellow REMO operatives. The result is a catfight to beat all catfights, where White Angel is stabbed to death, shot to death and fatally strangled, but ends up strangling Dark Angel to death, and snapping her neck when she begins to revive. It's a deadly game that these two beautiful women are engaged in, as well as an erotic one as both babes are rendered topless and appear to be aroused by the killing! Don't miss this latest White Angel instant classic!
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