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Bluestone’s Movie Reviews & Death Scenes from Mainstream Films!

The clips featured in this section are not our work, but simply are free clips from Movies and TV shows that Bluestone considers the sexiest female death scenes in mainstream films over the years. This section continues and expands the members’ section created by G-Man, which organizes mainstream female death scenes into the decades in which they were released. In this section, we have organized the films into categories, such as Asphyxia, Shootings and Stabbings, plus sub-categories of those main categories, with the movies in each category being listed alphabetically.

When time permits, we will post more of these movie reviews and free clips, including more categories and sub-categories!

My thanks to G-Man, Big O, and others who have created these film clips and provided their own reviews of the films and particularly the featured female death scenes.

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Asphyxia Scenes:
These female death scenes involve cutting off a woman’s breath, either by stragulation, smothering, hanging, or otherwise. The Sub-Categories are as follows:

Strangulation Scenes

Stabbings, Impalements, and Similar Scenes:
These female death scenes involve driving a sharp phallic weapon into a woman’s body, including using knives, swords, axes, pitchforks and other sharp weapons. There is the Main Stabbing category and also some Sub-Categories as follows:

Stabbing Scenes

Shootings, Arrowings, and Similar Scenes:
These female death scenes involve shooting a woman with an ejaculating weapon, mostly with guns. We have also included Sub-Categories, such as “Arrowings”, even though it could be argued that arrows also stab their victim. The difference is that stabbings are usually up close and personal attacks. Below are the Categories and Sub-Categories:

Shot with Guns

Batterings, Falls, and Similar Scenes:
These female death scenes involveg the battering or bludgeoning of beautiful women to death with weapons or by hand, or by throwing them to their deaths from a height!