28 – Vengeful Visitation (Collector’s Edition)

One of Lynda’s earliest appearances returns in upgraded form… “Vengeful Visitation”, the sequel to “The Visitor”!

In an attempt to avenge her friend, Sarah King, Lynda’s character, Heather Black, confronts the spy babe (played by Vicki) who gave the order to terminate Sarah. The two girls fight with an armed sentry ordered to let Lynda’s character go if she wins. Of course, Lynda doesn’t end up winning the fight. Vicki strangles her close to death after a long fight, and after Lynda is stripped topless. Then, Vicki stabs Lynda in the belly a couple of times to make sure that she’s not surviving their duel. Once Lynda is dead, Vicki orders the sentry to remove the body, but instead the sentry shoots Vicki twice in the belly without explanation and leaves. Enjoy, two babe deaths for the price of one, plus an awesome catfight to the death!

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