40 – Murder Inc.

An organization of assassins offers membership only to those who prove to them that they are capable of killing efficiently and without mercy. Slade applies for a position and is outfitted with a body cam and told to select and eliminate a random target, with his camera turned on to show the kill.

He selects a gorgeous office worker, played by Yvonne. He is waiting for her inside her apartment when she comes home from work, and slowly strips out of her clothes until she is topless and dressed only in panties and silken robe. When she heads for the washroom to take a shower, Slade steps into view with silenced gun aimed at her.

She pleads for her life, even offering her body. Slade shoots her in the belly first, and watches her shocked and pained reaction. Then, he follows up with a breast shot, and Yvonne drops to her knees. Slade kicks her in the face, dropping her to her back. He then finishes her with a headshot!

Once she’s dead, he makes sure that his prospective employers are satisfied with the kill, then he lifts her onto his shoulder, pats her ass, and carries her away for disposal.

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