44 – Supernova 7: World’s Finest (Collectors’ Edition)

This classic that honours the famous DC World’s Finest comic book series is back in upgraded BIG screen format and resolution!

This is the 2-for-1 package, including both the extreme/death version as well as the peril version of “Supernova 7: World’s Finest (Collector’s Edition)”.
This is really two episodes in one! Firstly, Teen Wing, an unofficial Darkwing sidekick, is introduced and soundly defeated, stabbed and garroted by a Gatekeeper of the Seventh Sanctum. Meanwhile, Supernova comes to the aid of Darkwing’s alter ego, but is herself defeated and killed by means of Agent August’s Novanite powered whip! Agent August also shoots Darkwing in the head in her civilian identity, killing her instantly. Three babe deaths in this blockbuster episode! (Teen Wing dies in the Peril version too, but Supernova and Darkwing survive to fight another day.)
In the Extreme (Vivacious Vigilantes) version, Supernova is electrocuted! In the Peril (Sexy Superheroines #48) version, Supernova survives the near electrocution, and Darkwing’s alter ego is merely wounded!
The “Vivacious Vigilantes” Extreme (Death) version of this video is 14.5 minutes (without the closing credits) and the “Sexy Superheroines” Peril version is about 16 minutes running time without the closing credits.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
1 strangled, 1 shot & 1 electrocuted
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