58b – Supernova 13: Identity Crisis (More Extra Footage)

Lots more additional footage from “Supernova 13: Identity Crisis” featuring Melanie Dunne!

We see even more takes of Melanie being strangled by two gatekeepers with Wondra’s golden lasso, but in addition we see her double-teamed by Xander and a Gatekeeper. As the Gatekeeper restrains Melanie, Xander works her over with body and face blows until she collapses. Then, when she’s semi-conscious, we see the golden lasso being placed around her lovely neck.

There is also more footage of Melanie being chloroformed, plus additional footage of her being carried over-the-shoulder and her butt being patted by Xander.

Don’t miss all of this extra footage in 6:45 more minutes of all-action footage!

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