60 – Search & Recovery

Lynda has stolen secret data worth thousands, but the killer assigned to recover the stolen data gets the drop on her. She is dressed in catsuit, unzipped to display deep cleavage, and attempts to distract him with her curves, but is not as successful as she’d hoped. The killer knocks her about, scoops her up into a crushing bearhug, and knocks her out. He then searches her body, finds the stolen thumb drive, and drags her into the bedroom. When she revives, he slowly murders her, taking his time and allowing her to suffer for his enjoyment. A belly hit is followed by a breast hit. Then, after she’s suffered sufficiently and pleaded for her life, he nails her with a deadly headshot.

Sexy Lynda provides one of the sexiest shooting deaths ever in this latest SYCC episode!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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