60 “Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief” Plus Extra Reel (Collector’s Edition)

This package not only includes the upscaled BIG SCREEN Extreme and Peril versions of “Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief”, but also includes an Extra Footage reel that contains over 12 minutes of unseen footage of Lynda, as well as Samantha Wilde, being punished!

As you may recall, “Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief” contains battles to the death between Ultrawoman and Nightshade!

It’s awesome girl-on-girl action as Nightshade apparently strangles Agent Steel to death and steals her bracelets, allowing her to transform into a dark Ultrawoman. Then, it’s Steel’s turn to revive and she takes Dark Ultra by surprise, managing to steal her own powers back and transform into Ultrawoman. Lots of fight action as the girls engage in a see saw battle for control of the Amazonian powers. In the Extreme version, Nightshade finally manages to put Ultrawoman down for good with a vicious garotting!

The Extra Footage makes this a 5.31 GB plus package.

Check out the trailer!

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