70 – Mystery Woman

Heather Page plays a sexy, mystery woman who takes on two masked perps, delivering quite a beating, but they manage to get the upper hand eventually. They double team her, trying to stab her with a knife as she uses all her strength to keep the blade at bay. There is a reverse bearhug, and she appears to have won when she disarms one of them and aims his own gun at the perps. Unfortunately, it is a palm-registered gun.  She tries to flee, is shot in the leg and turns to face them. She pleads for her life, but they aim and fire, hitting her in breast and belly. As she suffers from these wounds, they end her with a head shot. Her body collapses, but one of the perps wants to make sure and empties a few more rounds into her shuddering body.

Don’t miss the very sexy demise of the beautiful, erotically dressed Heather Page!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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