8 – Supernova: Jail Break

One of the best Supernova videos is Danica Thrall as Supernova in “Jail Break”, and the two versions of this awesome video are very, very different. Both versions are included in this special package in upgraded form!

The original versions were:
“Supernova 6: Jail Break” Extreme version – 283 MB
“Supernova 6: Jail Break” Peril version – 318 MB

The Collector’s Edition release includes:
“Supernova 6: Jail Break” Extreme version – 951 MB
“Supernova 6: Jail Break” Peril version – 1.03 GB

This video pits Supernova against a jailed Xander, and clearly demonstrates their eternal battle between brain and brawn! There is a unique reveal of Xander’s secreted Novanite weapon which then allows him to viciously beat Supernova mercilessly while the prison personnel are unaware of this deadly duel. The two versions diverge just before the 9 minute mark. The Peril version is almost 14.5 minutes without closing credits, and the Extreme version is almost 13 minutes without closing credits.

We have also removed the music, so that you do not miss any of Danica’s sounds as she’s beaten to a pulp by Xander in both versions!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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