Episode 1 – Subterfuge

This brand new series is a murder mystery based upon fictionalized accounts of Scotland Yard unsolved cases that are committed in London, England, but the only mystery for the viewer is how our beautiful victim is going to be killed!

This episode begins with a photoshoot featuring gorgeous Yvonne, as the model, and a hitman, masquerading as the photographer. He watches her strut her stuff for several minutes, enjoying the show and eventually stripping topless, before he drops the pretense and levels a firearm at the startled babe. She pleads for her life, offering him sex, and as he hesitates, she puts her arms around his neck while still topless and begins kissing him seductively. He is a professional though, intent on making sure that he successfully completes his contract. So, while they kiss, he raises his silenced firearm and pulls the trigger, shooting her in the belly to which she reacts with shock as well as pain.

We are treated to a sexy death scene filmed with the high quality production values that you’ve come to appreciate in our higher cost Sexy Superheroines and Sexy Spies series, but at a price more in line with our regular productions. Don’t miss this debut of the “Scotland Yard Cold Cases” series! It is awesome!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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