Episode 100 – Ultrawoman 14: Amazon Duel

Ultrawoman and Dark Wondra are forced to battle each other, and each of these gorgeous girls gives as good as they get. It’s a see saw battle, but eventually Dark Wondra manages to wrap her golden lasso around Ultrawoman’s lovely neck and garrotes her from behind. Unfortunately for Dark Wondra, she is shot by a Collector in the breast. When she doesn’t die from this wound, the Collector takes careful aim and nails her in the forehead with a sweet headshot.  Once she’s dead, the Collector proceeds to deboot her, then he carries each of the dead girls away in cradle carries.

Two sexy babe deaths in this awesome video!

In the Peril version, Ultrawoman wins by chloroforming Dark Wondra, but is then chloroformed herself by the Collector.

Check out the Trailer!

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