Episode 101 – Supernova 23: We Are One

Supernova (Rebecca Mason) and Dark Nova (Natasha Anastasia) fight one another in a brutal battle that leaves Supernova bloodied and Dark Nova also beaten badly.

The two super-powered babes dish out and take numerous blows from one another, including hitting each other with a metal pipe. They are de-powered by a blast from Xander’s henchmen who allow them to beat each other to a pulp before the henchmen intervene again.

Once Supernova finally downs Dark Nova, the henchmen move in and double team Supernova, hitting her repeatedly with the metal pipe, then garotting her until she nearly passes out.

Finally, the main henchman takes out a gun loaded with Novanite bullets and executes each on the heroines one at a time with a bullet to the brain!

Awesome sexy action in this Super Babe Battle!

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Both shot in head
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