Episode 104 – Supernova 25: No Refuge

Supernova is surprised when she wakes up in her apartment, dressed in her business suit, without any recollection of how she got there. Her cell phone rings and she answers using her civilian name. There is no one on the line, but suddenly there is a Gate Keeper in her apartment. He attacks her, and she wards him off momentarily, but soon discovers that she has no powers. He manages to overcome her, and strangles her. Then, Xander arrives, satisfied that he has found out her new secret identity. With the Gate Keeper’s assistance, he chloroforms her.

When Supernova revives, she is dressed in her tattered and torn costume, but still has no memory of her recent defeat at his hands. She is confident that she can take him in hand-to-hand combat, even without her powers, but she is surprised to learn that she is no match for Xander. The battle slowly turns in Xander’s favour and he strangles her into submission, then pulls a knife and stabs her in the belly and then in the chest. Supernova writhes and dies at his hand.

There is only one version of “Supernova 25: No Refuge”. So, can this be the end of Supernova? Has Xander actually killed her? Well, you will have to buy the video to find out… but you won’t be disappointed. Rebecca Mason is absolutely gorgeous as Supernova and as her alter ego Kara Daniels!

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