Episode 108 – Teenwing: Into the Breach

Darkwing’s new assistant, Sybil, tracks Darkwing to a deserted location when her comlink fails to respond. Instead of finding Darkwing, the Contractor finds her.

He chloroforms her. When she stirs, he has her change into her Teenwing costume and dares her to beat him in combat. She does her best, but he’s too powerful and experienced. Having defeated her, he rips her costume open to reveal her naked breasts. Then, he precedes to make her suffer before ending her life.

When he goes to retrieve his gun, she makes a run for it, but he cuts her down with a shot in the back. She turns to face him and he drives two bullets into her luscious breasts, then lines her up and ends her with a sudden headshot!

In the Peril version, she manages to escape.

Don’t miss the debut of the latest, and perhaps best, Darkwing sidekick!

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