Episode 121 – Darkwing 21 – With Great Power

Darkwing has tracked down Parasite and confronts him about stealing his power suit from WHIPLASH and stealing Supernova’s powers. She presses him on the location of Supernova, but he decides to make her pay for her impertinence. Confident that he can easily kill her with his stolen powers, he attacks her, but she manages to survive the attack, slip a device on him and activate it. The device quickly drains his powers, leveling the playing field. He manages to remove the device, but the powers have already drained into it. While they fight, Stellar slips into the warehouse, notices the device and picks it up. This releases the energy that has been drained originally drained by Parasite from Supernova, knocking out the teenage sidekick. Parasite presses his attack on Darkwing and eventually defeats her, strangling her in both versions, but snapping her neck in the Extreme version. When Stellar recovers consciousness, she discovers that she now possesses the powers stolen from Supernova.

This storyline will be continued in “Stellar 2: Great Responsibility”!

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Neck snapped
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