Episode 131 – Teen Bat 7 – Running the Gauntlet

Megan Lee is the latest Teen Bat to join the Sisterhood of The Bat. In this episode, she takes on the Red Ribbon Strangler. She puts up a good fight, despite RRS using every trick in the book to weaken her before finishing her off slowly. Megan plays the part in a cocky, but sexy, self-assured manner. Like Wonderkick before her, Teen Bat’s internal monologue lets the viewer in on her real panic as RRS comes close to defeating her several times before finally snapping her neck after she releases two sexy orgasmic squirts.

Don’t miss Megan’s debut as the sexy new Teen Bat. Looking forward to many more appearances by our newest star!

Check out the Trailer!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and neck snapped
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