Episode 18 – Working Late

D’arcy returns as a woman who returns from a late night at work and discovers a masked man in her apartment. He immediately attacks her, punching and choking her, then pulling a knife and stabbing her repeatedly in the belly. He then tosses her facedown to the floor.

We are then treated to our sexy mini-skirted victim crawling across the floor in an attempt to escape, providing some good views of that sexy ass of hers and upskirt delights.

Finally, the killer rolls her body over and stands over her, watching her writhe in pain and finally with a death stare freezing on her beautiful face.

The killer then calls for a cleanup crew, and we learn that he had chosen this apartment to use as a sniper, assuming that D’arcy’s character would be working later than she did this night.

Cool murder of an erotically dressed babe! Enjoy!

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