Episode 408 – Audition Tapes

Suzi and Amber are auditioning for the same roles while the director films the audition.  During the first part of the audition, Amber strangles Suzi and Suzi pretends to die, complete with death stare and body panning. Then, the girls switch roles and Amber pretends to die from strangulation, again with full death stare and body pan. They take a break and while Suzi is out of the room, the director convinces Amber to strangle Suzi for real and offers to split the substantial snuff video profits with her.

When Suzi returns, they start the audition again, but this time Amber strangles Suzi to death ‘for real’. Suzi struggles even more frantically, realizing that this is no longer a simple audition.

The director then brains Amber with a blunt object to avoid having to split the profits with her. Amber falls to the floor, bloodied and shaking fitfully until she dies from the fatal blow.

There and 4 death scenes, and two sexy babes are killed in “Audition Tapes” for your enjoyment!

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
1 Strangled & 1 dies from blow to head
Available for only $14.99
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