Episode 41 – White Angel 28

White Angel, Alison Carter, (Sienna Scarlett) is a trainer of White Angel Agents. She is tracked down by Agent X. Agent X gets the drop on her, but when he is feeling up her body, searching for weapons, she disarms him and gets the upper hand… for a while. The tables are turned again, and X fires three slugs into her belly. She apparently dies from the shooting with a shocked and beautiful death stare… but then regenerates. Before she can fully recover, X drives a blade into her chest, ‘killing’ her again. Another shocked death stare. When she regenerates again, she is roughly chloroformed and her body is dragged away by the ankles. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself tied to a chair. X winds a garrotte around her long, lovely neck and pulls with all his might. We are then treated to a wonderful, long strangle, reminiscent of similar Danica strangles. This long legged beauty puts on a great leg show, with lots of upskirt views, and kicks off her heels in the process to end up dying barefoot.

In short, a video that is not to be missed!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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