Episode 485 – Bad Date

Suzi is on a date and calls her roommate, Nicole, who is already in bed, dressed in a skimpy negligee. Suzi asks her to quietly watch out for her and intervene in case her date gets out of hand. So, Nicole slips out of bed, and waits quietly in the bedroom while Suzi arrives and gets her date a drink. He spills his own drink, and while Suzi hurries away to grab a cloth to mop up the spill, the man slips a drug into Suzi’s drink. When Suzi passes out, Nicole cracks the bedroom door, sees the man undressing an unconscious Suzi, and bursts out of the bedroom to confront him, still dressed in sexy lingerie.

The man decides to attack the new girl too, rushing her as Nicole bolts back into the bedroom. He grabs her as she scrambles across the bed, flips her over, winds a nylon around her neck, and viciously strangles her to death as she struggles wildly… erotically… under his power. Once, Nicole is dead, he returns to the living room, and finds Suzi conscious and crawling towards the phone.

He winds the nylon around Suzi’s neck from behind, and pulls her back against him. She struggles wildly too, legs kicking, eyes wide with horror, but he does not let up until she is also quite dead!

Two sexy babe deaths in this Bluestone video!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Both Strangled!
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