Episode 495 -Three of Many

Petra, Lena and Kerie are roommates in a large house. They are all dressed in sexy clothes and discuss the popular show “1,000 Ways To Die” before going their separate ways. Kerie heads downstairs to watch the show while Lena heads into the kitchen and Petra into the upstairs bathroom.

We first see Kerie’s demise as she takes off her contacts, while “1,000 Ways to Die” plays in the background. Without her contacts and before she dons her glasses, she pours herself a drink, mistaking the turpentine bottle for liquor. As she drinks it, she suddenly reacts, grabbing her belly and collapsing to the floor in pain. She has just poisoned herself, and writhes in her sexy minidress until the poison takes full effect and she dies in agony.

Meanwhile, Lena kis trying to cheat on her diet, finding a chocolate bar hidden away on a high cupboard shelf. She reaches for it, jumping, and landing unsteadily in her heels a few times, providing a sexy leg show in her short skirt. Unknown to her, there is a knife resting on top of the chocolate bar and as she tugs the bar free, the knife follows and embeds itself deep in her cleavage. In shock and pain, Lena grabs the hilt of the knife and sinks to the floor, where she also writhes sexily and dies with a beautiful, wide-eyed death stare.

Finally, it is Petra’s turn. She strips out of her clothes and runs a bath. Then, her cell phone rings. She answers and it is an old friend, so she loses track of time. There is a hair dryer plugged in and resting on the counter beside her. As the tub starts to overflow, she panics. She ends the call, knocks the hair dryer onto the floor by accident, and the overflowing water electrifies the floor beneath her. Completely naked, Petra starts shaking as the current flows into her, her substantial assets jiggling wildly as she collapses to the floor. On the floor, she still writhes as the current electrocutes her to death!

Three beautiful babe deaths in this Bluestone extravaganza!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
1 poisoned, 1 stabbed & 1 electrocuted
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