134 – Teen Bat 9: Victim of RRS

Megan Lee returns as Teen Bat and is attacked by two bruisers who are intent on framing the Red Ribbon Strangler for their beating and strangling of her!

In their initial attack, they manage to overpower her, hold her down on the bed, and try to strangle her to death with a red ribbon. Eventually, Teen Bat decides to play possum and frees herself when they ease up on their hold on her. Then, she strikes back, eventually knocking one of them down and snapping the other’s neck. The surviving bruiser, however, breaks her in a bearhug. He then chloroforms her into unconsciousness and prepares to finish her. When she recovers consciousness, he unmasks her, then strangles her to death in a long, sexy strangle. Her body is carried away by her killer in a cradle carry.

In the Peril version, the sudden appearance of the Red Ribbon Strangler allows her to survives, but he knocks her out and carries her away over his shoulder.

Lots of action in this one!

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