36 – Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta (Collector’s Edition)

Another classic has returned in upgraded BIG SCREEN format and resolution. Once again, both versions of “Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta” in upscaled format for the price of one!

Lynda is gorgeous in “Vendetta”! First she appears as Agent Steel in a catsuit, and takes a drugged dart to the belly. Her opponent then garrottes her while she’s weakened. He strips her to bra and fondles her while maintaining pressure on the garrotte. She manages to break free and with a spinning transformation, she changes to Ultrawoman! Her opponent does manage to attack and chloroform her successfully, and carries her away. When she recovers consciousness, we learn about the rogue Collector’s vendetta against Ultrawoman for having slain his brother in a previous battle. They fight and Ultrawoman pounds him viciously, but he fights back, then seizes her by the throat and hand strangles her. She plays possum in order to break free, but is soon held in a tight bearhug. Once he drops her to the floor semi-conscious, he waits for her to rise again, and seizes her by the neck, lifting her off the floor in throat lift. This takes most of the fight out of her. Then, in the extreme version, he pulls a gun and shoots her in the leg. She tries to get away, but he shoots her twice in the back, the bullets exiting from her chest! Then, he finishes her with two bullets to the belly. In the Peril version, there is no shooting. Ultrawoman wins by using the Amazonian neck pinch then snapping her opponent’s neck!

Awesome upgraded package! Don’t miss it!

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