135 – Supernova 35: Possibilities

This blockbuster video features both Supernova and Teen Bat, and in all there are 8 female death scenes during this 23 minute extravaganza!

Each heroine is attacked and slain, then the two heroines attack and kill each other… all action taking place in a simulated environment where their deaths are acted out so that Xander can develop the perfect trap for Supernova.

Not only do the heroines die in costume, but Supernova is also killed twice in sexy civilian clothes.

First they are each chloroformed. Then, they are each garrotted while rendered topless! Supernova is garrotted with a Novanite garrotte.

The following death scenes include Teen Bat’s neck being broken, and her being crushed to death in a bearhug.

As for Supernova, she is stabbed to death with a Novanite knife in civilian clothes, then in other civilian clothes she is shot to death.

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Multiple and various
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