38 – Darkwing 5: Dark Deception (Collector’s Edition)

“Darkwing 5” has been upgraded! This is the video where Darkwing (Yvonne) battles Wonderkick (Destiny) and a hot blonde captive’s life hangs in the balance.

In the Extreme version, this hot blonde is killed with a deadly headshot! As for the two combatants, there is a lot of sexy action before a winner emerges, but in the Extreme version, both lose their lives. Yvonne is strangled to death, unmasked and topless, and Destiny is shot to death topless.

In the Peril version, Wonderkick is rendered topless, but is rescued, and all three sexy babes survive.

This upgraded package includes 3 videos, the Peril, Extreme, and an Extreme version with orgasmic squirts during Darkwing’s death scene.

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
1 strangled, 2 shot
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