31 – White Angel 16 (Collectors’ Edition)

This is a bundle of two classics, the Peril and Extreme versions of White Angel 16, starring Luscious Lynda! Two upgraded classics for the price of one!

This one has it all. It starts with the chloroforming of our desperately struggling White Angel Agent. She eventually loses the battle, and Agent X cradle carries her to the sofa and removes her jacket, rips open her blouse, and searches her gorgeous body while she’s unconscious.

When she revives, they have a vicious fight, including a bearhug and backbreaker! As she writhes in pain, Agent X taunts her until she rises to try to take him on again. This time, he whips a garrotte around her lovely neck and viciously, but slowly, strangles her to death as she weakens, snapping her lovely neck for good measure! He then lifts her onto his shoulder and carries her again to the couch.

Once again, she revives and once again they fight. Lynda ends up on top, straddling and strangling Agent X, but he seizes her by the neck and ends up changing places with her. Once on top, he hand strangles her to death and snaps her neck twice!

By the time she revives for the final time, Agent X has retrieved his silenced gun and shoots her in the belly and then in the breast. She drops to the floor, pleading with him, but he opens fire again, firing another 4 rounds into her belly, and she dies for the third time.

In the Peril version, Lynda wins the hand strangle segment, recovers the gun and fires down at Agent X!

Super sexy video and in 2 versions, both of which are upscaled in BIG screen resolution.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and Shot!
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