Episode 25 – The Good Samaritan (Director’s Cut)

Petra returns to the series with an upgrade of the classic “The Good Samaritan”, where she lets a handsome stranger into her apartment, but is then attacked, robbed and cruelly murdered!

This one has loads of sexy elements. We start with lots of eye candy as a nude Petra exits the bathroom and dresses into minidress and heels. The stranger first puts her in a sleeper hold. She struggles wildly, but eventually passes out. He ties her hands behind her back while she is unconscious, and when she awakens, he has her make a few calls as well as transfer $250,000 into his Cayman’s bank account. Then, he decides to kill her anyway. He strangles her on the bed, and Petra’s magnificent body is on show as she writhes in an effort to escape, managing to free her hands and fight back against her assailant, but he is too strong. The stranger decides to not only strangle her but to shake her neck so hard and brutally that he crushes her neck, breaking her windpipe and every bone in her delicate neck.

Once she’s dead, the killer starts to strip her body, and we next see her completely nude, lying in the bathtub. Then, the killer uses a large kitchen knife to cut off her head. While he’s dismembering the rest of her body off screen, we are treated to a view of her decapitated head sitting on the bathroom counter.

Enjoy the brutal murder of the beautiful Petra in BIG screen resolution with all new f/x for her postmortem decapitation.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and Neck Crushed
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