46 – Darkwing: Flying Solo (Collectors’ Edition)

Both versions of this classic first appearance of Darkwing have been upgraded to BIG screen format and resolution and are included in this Collector’s Edition package!

See the video that started Yvonne’s run as the dark and sexy caped crusader!

She takes on a female villain, then a group of bad guys, then Master Mace makes his entrance, demonstrating his power by snapping the female villain’s neck.

In the battle between Darkwing and Master Mace, Darkwing takes her best shots, but Master Mace shakes them off and delivers a beatdown to our sexy heroine, finally knocking her out, unmasking her, stripping her topless, binding her, and strangling her to death against a pole. In the Peril version, she is defeated, but not killed.

Available for only $26.50
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