50 – Blindsided By Fear

Sienna has just assured her boyfriend that she’s made it home safe, when the UK Strangler attacks from the shadows, knocking her to the bed. They struggle and Sienna ends up lying on top of the Strangler, struggling wildly as he garottes her. She does break away, but he manages to knock her to the floor, incapacitating her with a brutal kick between the legs. As she reacts to the blow, the Strangler gets behind her on the floor and once more whips the garotte around her lovely neck. This time, he maintains the pressure until she weakens from the prolonged strangle. Then, he seizes her by the head and twists viciously, snapping her neck and killing her almost instantly. She drops like a bag of dirt to the floor, lying face down. He rolls her over, check her neck pulse, and after several views of her beautiful corpse, the Strangler lifts her into a cradle carry, admires her, and carries her away.

Sexy Sienna puts up a very active struggle during this extended murder scene! 6.5 minutes without closing credits.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and neck snap
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