52 – Making A Point

Heather’s character has seduced a man and stolen a valuable microchip but, before she can leave the country, a killer in balaclava breaks into her apartment and sneaks up on her. Grabbing her, he kicks her between the legs and scoops up a nearby ice pick to threaten her. Fearing for her life, she finally gives up the location of the microchip. The man decides to kill her anyway. So, she offers to do “anything” to save her life. The killer viciously stabs her in the throat anyway, and watches as she clutches the wound and slowly slides down to the floor in pain, legs kicking, and eyes and mouth open in terror. The man watches her death throes for a while, then uses the ice pick to stab her in her temple, killing her almost instantly with a shocked expression on her beautiful face. He snaps a picture of her bloody corpse to upload to his employer and leaves.

An awesome and sexy death for Hot Heather! Even if you’re not a stabbing fan, I’m sure that you’ll love this unique death scenario!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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