Episode 1 – Wondra: The Fall of a Heroine”

The film that started the rise of Bluestone Superheroines… “Wondra 1: Fall of a Heroine”, the original Extreme Version… has been re-mastered by our awesome editing team, and we are offering this upgraded version in a special Collector’s Edition release. Just think, “Wondra: Fall of a Heroine” was released in 2012, over 8 years ago! Since then, larger widescreen TV’s and computer monitors have become much more common. You will definitely notice the difference when these Collector’s Editions are played on our larger screens!

By way of comparison, the original is 168 MB.
The upgraded version is 694 MB.

In the episode, Wondra battles Master Mace, who is introduced in this classic episode. Mace is more than a match for our sexy Amazon. Wondra is chloroformed, knocked down several times during her fight with Mace, beaten down, and lifted over his head and dropped to his knee in a punishing backbreaker move. Once she’s down, Mace strangles her topless with her own golden lasso, and uses its magic to pry certain secrets from our defeated heroine. Don’t miss seeing this awesome video on a larger screen!


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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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