Episode 20 – Hell Hath No Fury

Krystal Red debuts in her first Scotland Yard Cold Case episode!

Don’t miss “Hell Hath No Fury”! Krystal plays an assassin in tight catsuit who attempts to kill her target, but he surprises her when his Kevlar vest saves his life, allowing him to counter-attack. They struggle, but the man comes up with the gun, elbows her in the face, and gets ready to blow her away. They have a brief, heated exchange of words, then he shoots her in the belly twice, wounding her fatally. Next, he shoots her in one of her luscious breasts, enjoying her suffering as he sets her up for the kill shot. Finally, he puts her away with a headshot. Once she’s dead, and her sexy body has been panned, he grabs her ankle and drags her body away for disposal.

A very sexy scenario featuring a very hot actress!

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