Episode 101 – In Darkest Night

Suzi is sleeping, dressed in a short negligee, but it is a fitful sleep. She is having a nightmare and wakes up with a start! Then, she hears a sound from downstairs. She takes out her handgun, and cautiously descends the stairs to the main floor. Not finding an intruder, she relaxes, and puts her gun down. Next, the phone beside her rings and she jumps. She answers it, and it is a sniper saying, “Goodbye”!

Suddenly, Suzi takes a bullet to the belly. She writhes in pain, a sexy sitting duck in the sights of the sniper. She manages to struggle to her feet, but a second shot drives her body back onto the sofa. Again, she struggles to leave the sofa, this time crawling across the floor to the stairs and painfully making her way back up the stairs to the bedroom. However, having spent all of her energy, she cannot flee any further and with some final sexy writhing dies of her wounds on the bedroom floor.

Another sexy outing for our very Sultry Suzi!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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