Episode 7 – Rise of Infamy

Now it’s Natasha’s turn to meet the UK Strangler!

Natasha plays a hot mini-skirted young woman who is talking on the phone to her lover about the talk of London… the infamous UK Strangler! Natasha is joking around, pretending to be asking for the serial killer to strangle her… intimating that it would be hot! Unknown to her, the real UK Strangler is standing behind her with a garrotte stretched taut between his gloved fists, waiting for her to complete her phone call. No doubt, he is getting as turned on as she is with her intimation that she would enjoy being strangled by him.

So, when she ends the call, he whips the garrotte around her slender neck and pulls tightly. Natasha’s body reacts to the sudden attack, her eyes widening in fear! No doubt, she regrets making fun of this brutal killer who is now intent on strangling her to death.

He forces her onto a table and pulls tighter on the garrotte as she wriggles under him, legs kicking, shoes flying from her feet, struggling desperately, but unable to break free of his grip. Slowly but surely she eventually succumbs and dies on the table under him with her beautiful eyes fixed into a haunting death stare!

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