Episode 112 – Teen Bat 6: Sisterhood of the Bat

There’s a new Teen Bat trying to track down the location of her missing sister in the Sisterhood of the Bat, a group of unofficial sidekicks who are disrupting the Gate Keepers’ operations. She takes on the first thug and after pretending to be defeated, snaps his neck. Her second opponent is much harder to defeat, and manages to crack her back in a bearhug and beat her down until she is defeated and chloroformed. He also unmasks her, despite her valiant struggle to protect her secret identity. Then, the victorious Gate Keeper decides to confirm his theory that Teen Bats like her get off on being defeated and strangled. Before she can fully recover from the chloroforming, he winds a garrote around her slender neck and begins strangling her while taunting her with accusations that the strangle is turning her on.

Mia puts in a great performance of being turned on by her own impending death, finally going into multiple orgasms complete with orgasmic squirts (in version 112a), but version 112b does not contain the orgasmic squirts for those who do not like this element.

Finally, the Gate Keeper finishes our beautiful heroine off with a fatal strangle, forcing her lovely eyes into a haunting death stare!

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